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Roof tops

In contrast to the standardized masts, antenna systems are mounted on existing buildings (roofs , sheds , silos , chimneys, wind turbines , etc. ) and typically based on individual planning . These require special attention and detailed knowledge of the structure during the planning phase to ensure that the loads derived from the cellular systems expansion are securely transferred into the building structure. In this area, Exponent offers services that will ensure and improve the quality of these sites:


  • Advising planners during technical execution
  • Standardization of components, e.g. roof connections
  • Testing of anchoring devices
  • Assessment of occupational safety
  • Root cause analysis of failures (e.g. support tube demolition )
  • Appraisal of building structures if documentation is incomplete
  • Static assessment, in particular for special installation locations (chimneys , silos)
  • Development of reinforcement measures