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Industrial furnaces serve a variety of purposes (steelmaking, calcination processes, ceramics, chemicals and glass production, waste treatment etc.) and have consequently a diverse range of construction types. The refractory system is the core of many production lines and a failure potentially results in substantial operating and production losses. Exponent offers close-to-reality analysis methods that take into account non-linear, time- and temperature-dependent material parameters for the multilayer lining of very complex systems. Exponent offers these services, not only to industrial operators, but also within the context of research and development activities:


  • Furnaces and thermal facilities
  • IR Thermography
  • Static calculations in refractories including 3D models
  • Consulting, design support, recalculation and review
  • Stiffness-oriented realistic deformation and cross-section calculation
  • One- and multidimensional heat transfer calculations
  • Transient temperature and stress calculations in multilayer cross-sections
  • Use of tools for planning, appraisals and sensitivity studies