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Process Upsets and Incidents

With over 40 years of experience in accident investigation and failure analysis, Exponent is a leader in the investigation, analysis and prevention of chemical process accidents. Our project experience ranges from the analysis of small equipment failures to investigation of the catastrophic loss of an entire production facility. In addition, our expertise as process engineers has enabled us to assist clients understand the limits and capabilities of their processing facilities. This experience provides a valuable knowledge base of lessons learned for assisting clients in evaluating the safety of their operations.


Our services span the life cycle of a chemical process facility, from process design, construction, operation, and maintenance to facility decommissioning:


  • Chemical Releases & Exposure
  • Electric Power Failure Analysis & Prevention
  • Batteries & Energy Storage Technology
    • Battery Failure Investigation
    • Battery System Design Review & Testing
    • Electronic Product Certification Testing
  • Liquefied natural gas, Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LNG, LPG)
  • Reactive Chemicals
  • Worker & Machine Safety Investigations
  • Micro-Contamination & Clean Room Science