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In contrast to the older telecommunications towers, many of today’s radio masts have been constructed with the expansion of the mobile network market since 1990 and are still being built today. Therefore, for structures like these, quality assurance (acceptance inspections and periodic testing) is the priority. However, due to the ever increasing number of operators and services (GSM, UMTS, LTE), the slender masts increasingly reach their capacity limit. Our services portfolio includes static calculation and possibly the planning of reinforcement measures to address our customer needs.


  • Ground foundation inspection and acceptance of reinforcement of foundations
  • Final acceptance of new masts
  • Periodic tests & inspections
  • Static assessment of concrete and steel poles
  • Development of reinforcement measures in case of insufficient bearing capacity
  • Non-destructive recording of structures if documentation is incomplete
  • Non-destructive assessment of materials if documentation is incomplete
  • Assessment of occupational safety
  • Root cause analysis of (partial) collapse of masts