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Industrial Structures

Exponent Deutschland is well-established nationally and internationally having worked on over a thousand projects through its locations in Düsseldorf and Berlin, Germany. Celebrating 25 years as a company in German, Exponent offers services in the following industry sectors: Radio, Energy, Manufacturing and Infrastructure. These four departments specialize in engineering services related to planning, assessment, quality assurance and project management for the construction, repair and demolition of structures.


Our services are utilized on complex industrial structures such as antenna masts, tanks, radio & TV towers, industrial furnaces, industrial chimneys & stacks, ducts, waste and coal bunker, cooling towers and wind turbines. This also includes infrastructure projects such as office buildings, warehouses, parking structures, roads and tunnels. Our firm is an international engineering leader in several of these areas of activity.


This claim is justified by virtue of conducting complex industrial projects, but is also supported by our continued involvement in, and contribution to, scientific publications, lectures, university teaching, participation in industry associations, professional training and developing of industry standards.


The employees of our consulting firm are often called upon as appointed experts by either the courts, police or other operators for investigating accidents or complex damage claims.


The first-rate standing of our firm is evident from the many years of cooperation with reputable client companies and by our professional engineering support of many well-known large-scale buildings and infrastructures around the country and abroad.