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Chimneys and Stacks

Industrial chimneys require a very broad expertise regarding the use and the structural behavior of their specific construction type. Exponent offers services for all support structures and lining designs from the foundation to the mouth cover. This professional expertise is also reflected in research and development in the field of VGB, DGFS and CICIND:


  • Masonry chimneys, reinforced concrete chimneys, steel stacks , hybrid chimneys
  • Lining made ​​of acid resistant bricks, fire clay, brick masonry, steel , GRP
  • Chimney flue, hot chimneys, smokestacks acid, wet stack, waste stack
  • Regular inspection of stem, space and flue gas pipe in accordance with the relevant standards and guidelines
  • Review of the expansion joints, fittings and maintenance access ladders
  • Surveying the building deformation
  • Collection and evaluation of material samples
  • Planning, recalculation and evaluation of new and existing structures
  • Change-of-use planning and reinforcement (strengthening) concepts
  • Stiffness oriented realistic deformation and cross-section calculation
  • IR thermography
  • Flue gas calculations
  • Dew point determination, condensation accumulation and severity of chemical attack
  • One- and multidimensional heat transfer calculations
  • Transient temperature and stress calculations in multi-layer cross sections