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Cell Modeling Using Dualfoil 5.1

Modeling can be used to:


  • Identify limitations in the cell: transport, kinetics
  • Optimize charging protocols as a function of temperature
  • Validate safe charging protocols
  • Make design recommendations
  • Optimize cell design for application requirements
  • Compare the performance of different chemistries and cell designs




Modeling indicated that a client could charge must faster & avoid lithium-plating issues with:

  • Additional aging, conditioning
  • Less anode compaction
  • Modified charge algorithm for low temperatures


Properties needed for the model that Exponent can measure

  • OCV & rate performance
  • Identity of electrode active materials, binder, electrolyte
  • Electrode and separator thicknesses, porosities
  • Current collector thickness
  • Cell temperature
  • Particle-size distribution
  • Density of electrolyte
  • Heat-transfer coefficient
  • Electrolyte conductivity and transference number

The model is validated using 3-electrode tests.