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Vessel and Containments

The services offered for containers, reservoirs and drainage surfaces include the waterproof reinforced concrete design method as applied to white tanks, whose tightness and durability in terms of crack width limitation are extremely sensitive, especially under induced forces. For this work, the intensive research of the office founder, Prof. Dr.- Ing. habil. P. Noakowski, is utilized, which has been included in numerous publications and guidelines and is continuously developed further for specific project needs.


  • LAU facilities, LNG containment, drinking water, sewage, oil and gas
  • Assessment of existing structures including reinforcement radar detection
  • Crack width measurement, computation and evaluation
  • Collection and evaluation of material samples
  • Reinforced concrete calculation using the continuous deformation theory (CDT) with Exponent’s own software developments and implementations in commercial FE software
  • Stiffness oriented close-to-reality internal forces calculation
  • Consideration of actual constraint effects due to temperature, shrinkage, etc.
  • Close-to-reality deformation analysis in reinforced concrete construction
  • Use of tools for planning, appraisals, sensitivity studies