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Parking Structures

Parking structures, including parking decks and underground parking garages, are not only stressed by traffic loads but also are intensively exposed to chloride-containing road salts. This combination of stresses can be faced/approached by various combinations of individual measures, as specified by DBV, or others. Exponent offers the following range of services for planning and maintenance / inspection in this area:


  • On-site visits and inspections during maintenance and evaluation
  • Assessment of existing structure including rebar detection
  • Crack-width oriented reinforced concrete calculation using the continuous deformation theory (CDT) with Exponent’s own software developments and implementations in commercial FE software
  • Stiffness oriented close-to-reality internal forces calculation
  • Consideration of actual constraint effects of temperature, shrinkage , etc.
  • Close-to-reality deformation analysis in reinforced concrete construction
  • Load capacity reserves of existing buildings
  • Optimization of reinforcement amount and layout
  • Concrete repairs and structural reinforcements
  • Use of tools for planning, appraisals, sensitivity studies
  • Collection and evaluation of material samples